Collaborative Cost Modelling

X-ray vision for your business.

Start Modelling

Trust through understanding

RuleFour gets your team working together, using methods you trust, quickly building models to ensure time for understanding the results.

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The RuleFour Solution

Accessible: Cloud hosted, access from anywhere.

Repeatable: Uses structure and templates to control and replicate tasks to speed up the model build, manage changes and reduce human error.

Transparent: Easy navigation with hierarchical lists that you can pivot to view from any angle.

Understandable: Every cost element is built the same way, represented as four standard components: fixed, variable, event and matrix.

A Better Future

A future where the budget process drives itself:

  • Eager participants own their space and build momentum in the business
  • Agree on actionable insight
  • Dynamic collaboration creates wider innovation within the business

Less stress for you – More confidence in your teams forecasting.

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RuleFour is the Mechanism

Our multiple user access and simplified structure creates dynamic collaboration. 

Our efficient model design and computational speed creates the time for real analysis, so you can trust the outcomes.

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