Cost modelling for the 21st century.

RuleFour has been built from the ground up to solve the most common problems with existing cost modelling.

What makes RuleFour different?

It is:

  1. Accessible
  2. Repeatable
  3. Transparent
  4. Understandable

And it is built around the concept of The Rule Of Four.


The RuleFour Solution

ACCESSIBLE: RuleFour is hosted in the cloud, so all staff with the right authority can access it from anywhere. I can build, review, understand and sign off on my part of the budget.

REPEATABLE: Uses repeatable structure and templates to control and replicate tasks to speed up the model build, manage changes and reduce human error. I can spend my time finding value rather than wrestling with the tools.

TRANSPARENT: The hierarchical structure and tagged metadata allows me to query the parts of the cost model in a way that makes sense to me. I can rapidly report and reconcile.

UNDERSTANDABLE: Every cost element is built the same way, represented as four standard components: fixed, variable, event and matrix. I already understand them and therefore the basis for the calculation.

The Rule Of Four

Every cost element has four standard components.


Who is RuleFour?

RuleFour is owned by a team of experienced resources sector professionals who are directly leading the design, product development and connection with the industry to ensure a fit for purpose solution.

Our team have real executive level and senior management experience, kept current through working for their long-established advisory firms.


Andrew Wells

Partner | Enable Advisory

Andrew is a Partner and Director of Enable Advisory. He has extensive domestic and international experience in the industry working at senior executive levels for major coal producers in areas including operations management, commercial management, business development, asset acquisition, strategy and planning.

Mark West

Partner | Enable Advisory

Mark is a Partner and Director of Enable Advisory. He is an internationally experienced senior executive and NED with a strong record of achievement in the acquisition, development, marketing and management of coal mining, energy and infrastructure businesses.

Ken Hill

Managing Director | Xenith Consulting

Ken Hill is an accomplished mining professional with over 30 years success in operational and consulting roles within the cut coal mining industry. Ken has held senior operational and management roles at both mine-site and corporate office. This has resulted in invaluable insights into what Professionals, Supervisors, Managers and Senior Site Executives require in relation to operational budgeting and reporting.

Rob Stephenson

Business Analysis | Xenith Consulting

Rob Stephenson has over 25 years experience in Business Analysis, Management / Financial Reporting and Consulting within the coal, iron ore and steel industries. Rob and his team have implemented budgeting and financial modelling software across ~10 mines over the last two years.