Cost Modelers

A lot of time and effort goes into building a model. Much of that time is getting the mechanics of the tool working and debugging formulas, not value adding. The bulk of the cost modeler’s work is often towards the end of the modeling process, this leads to extra time pressure.

    • Owners of inputs and assumptions can load and verify their own data including changes.
    • Functional managers can look at their accountabilities directly in the model.
    • The cost modeler can use standard models or copy old ones to establish a model very quickly
    • Cost templates allow the costs for like processes to be developed once and applied many times, reducing work and errors.
    • Run the many scenarios required using a single model. Changes made to the model flow through to all scenarios.
    • Different views of the cost model can be set for different business functions.
    • Clear, focussed and customisable reports are easy to generate.
    • Assign accountability and responsibility with metadata
    • The hierarchy in the lists allows me to summarise and drill through cost outcomes without formulas.
    • Reveal the model architecture with a click of a button.


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