Maintenance Managers

Often not part of the cost modelling inner circle. Needs to be able to make sure their part of the model properly reflects the maintenance load of the plan.  Wants to be able to look at outcomes differently to the finance team.

      • Conveniently hosted in the cloud, available from any browser, anytime.
      • Repeatable templates e.g. a template for the 50 – 70 cost elements to build up a truck. Built and checked once, can be applied many times.
      • Able to tailor views to look at the information that’s important in a way that provides insight.
      • Simple to make top-down comparisons e.g. break the allocation down by sub-team, look at data by fleet or unit, etc.
      • Natural language is used instead of complicated abstract formulas.
      • Makes it easier to justify a business case for capital expenditure.
      • The Rule of Four means you can understand all cost calculations, giving confidence in the outcomes.


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