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Manage large quantities of data from multiple sources and with numerous combinations.
Cost models process large volumes of complex combinations of data. We need tooling that works in understandable scalable portions. We need to think data management, like a database.

RuleFour provides the interface to unlock the power of a database without having to learn the language and develop the application.
RuleFour is a data management tool without needing specialist programming skills.

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RuleFour Delivers Costed Mine Plans

Bring commercial and technical streams together to unlock the collective insight and knowledge across your business.

Develop costed mine plans to support mining and project decisions.

No longer a black box stored on C: drives or hidden on the server.

The large range of physical conditions and factors found in mining generate very large numbers of possible data combinations.

This challenge is often met by averaging data such as unit rates and so losing the key factors required to differentiate between cases. Make all the physical differences in your mine plans transparent to fully evaluate the cost and schedule drivers of your alternatives.

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RuleFour Provides a Consistent Framework

RuleFour allows for multiple scenarios to be built on a single consistent framework.

Use the ‘free form’ structure to standardise processes, create more familiarity, high efficiency and confidence from consistent model frameworks.

Not Our First Rodeo


RuleFour has inbuilt solutions to common complex problems for efficient repeatable modelling.

For example inbuilt functionality to efficiently model new capital and replacements at resource level. Less stress and work. No need for onerous replacement tables and drivers.

RuleFour Delivers

“During our recent tender process for the Meandu Mine full service mining contract, we utilised RuleFour for the cost modelling.

I was impressed with the quick set-up time and RuleFour’s ability to use one model for multiple scenarios.

We modelled each tender as well as our own shadow bid. The transparency of inputs, calculations and reporting provided me valuable insights for our negotiations.

RuleFour enabled me to have confidence in our award decision.”

Cameron Plum,
Commercial Manager – Meandu

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